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Two for One: February Releases & AI Banter

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

So... remember the "Twelve for 12" release deal I made for 2023?

Well, I'm sticking to it... With benefits.


As you may already know (from my relentless social media marketing spam), I've decided to reward my loyal supporters (you) with not one, but TWO tracks for the month of February: Sttop the Press and Angst n' Hues. Having released Angst n' Hues yesterday, both tracks have been well received thus far and the analytics look decent.

By the way: that Sttop the Press article I put out last month was written by ChatGPT aka the evil robot overlord aka Chat Bot. Similarly to some of those that read this article, my interest in AI tools fizzles out as quickly as it bubbles back up. In other words, I've gone back and forth between loving and hating AI tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, and that pendulum between love and hate just swung back to the love side. I listened to Guy Ray's interview with OpenAI Co-Founder Sam Altman through NPR's How I Built This podcast.


For those of you interested, here's a breakdown of some of my recent engagement statistics (LANDR Analytics):

...Sttop the Press is lagging in comparison to Outpacin'. If you take a look at the graph to the left, you can see my streaming statistics from the last month (Jan 14 - Feb 12). Straight up, probably around 30-50% of those streams are from me. That's an estimate, but I seriously play my music daily, I'm actually listening to Helpful Hate as I write this.

I'm thinking in my next post I might break down some more of my engagement analytics spanning across streaming services, YouTube, Instagram, and/or TikTok. It could be interesting to give you all a look at what I see daily and am working toward optimizing.


Would you like an article breaking down my engagement analytics?

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