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Twelve for 12: My 2023 Music Release Timeline

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

12 months, twelve tracks. That's the plan.

I've been doing a good amount of research in the past few months about best practices when releasing music independently. Pitching to playlist curators and getting my music heard by a larger target audience is the main goal, but that all depends on my conscious appeal to the technological powers that be (the all-knowing algorithm).

So, the reason I'm not just releasing an entire 12 track album right off the bat is because, honestly, I'm gonna drag it out over the course of the year and by December 2023 I will re-release all 12 of those singles as an album.

The image to the right --> is the cover art I plan to use for each release; in some variation. Since you're one of the lucky few that are reading this post, the anticipated track list for this year correlates with the titles at the bottom of the cover art (starting with Outpacin').

I'm looking forward to this plan because releasing music over the course of the year will allow me to sprinkle in some additional tracks here and there // it'll give me a better sense of free creative expression. Oh, and maybe you realized there's only 10 tracks listed on that cover art -- if you noticed that, no you didn't... Just kidding, I built that into my plan, granted it was after I decided I'd be doing the Twelve for 12 plan. Basically the two missing tracks are going to be two tracks that either don't even exist yet, or one's that have been archived for ages, will be polished up and resurrected for release this year.

For those interested in following along with the process and for pre-saving of the first of the Twelve for 12 release schedule:

CLICK HERE to pre-save: SPAULV x K Sama - Outpacin' [Single]

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You will listen to all of the music I released and will release for eternity!

Or not.

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