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New Music and Cover Art Design Using AI | R.I.P. Twelve for 12...

SO... There was no June blog post. I'd say sue me, but you'd be winning a sock full of change.

Despite starving my loyal readers (you) with great blog material, straight from the amazing stream of consciousness I get to call my own, I will still be releasing new music and cover art design using AI this month. It's called "Liftoff".

Sticking with SPAULV's 2023 stylistic trend of DnB/Jungle/Liquid/Techno/Whatever music, Liftoff works to continue scratching that 90s/Y2K electronic music itch we all seem to have developed lately.

A vintage cartoon illustration of a toy rocket launching in a child's room
SPAULV Single "Liftoff" Official Cover Art

The cover art (right), to me, is pretty sweet. As to not shoot myself in the foot illustrating the featured image by hand, I recruited Microsoft Bing to help me along my way to designing this final piece. The prompt I used was: "A vintage cartoon illustration of a toy rocket launching in a child's room". After a few rounds of AI image generation, I landed on the featured image, it was the most dynamic and fitting for the title. I then dropped the image into Photoshop, cropped and color corrected, recycled my go-to font and orb asset from previous projects, and dropped in some funky symbols to fill in the white space.

It's funny... Now that I've dropped this image onto a white canvas, the image's background is kinda grey. We'll chalk that up to expert creative decision-making.

Unfortunately, since it is already July 20th, I was not able to schedule a specific release date for Liftoff to be distributed to streaming services. The best I can say is that the track will be out... soon.

BUT, if you want a taste of the track you can listen to it on my Soundcloud. It's pretty much exactly the same with some minor mixing differences.

PS. Keep an eye on my Soundcloud -- I'm dropping stuff on there more frequently.

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