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Twelve for 12: Mission Accomplished

Holy smokes... here we are a few days away from 2024 and I followed through with my Twelve for 12 release goal. Upon re-reading my original Twelve for 12 release plan, there was some deviation concerning my proposed track list, but honestly, in hindsight, that deviation was life-changing.

For the first time in the 10 official years of SPAULV, and my unofficial production days under ThaHau5Guy, my music has been relatively profitable. Starting with Angst N' Hues breaking 1,000 streams, Turkey Leg followed and has surpassed 10,000 streams, finally, FJD has just started gaining traction and has gained 750 streams in the past 15 days.

Possible cover-art...

The huge increase in attention I've gained this year is all thanks to my Twelve for 12 mission, if I hadn't set this goal for myself, we would not be here now. Another huge booster to my streaming numbers has been my placements on CPETO's "jungle/breakcore/dnb" Spotify playlist. The playlist has approximately 25,600 listeners... that's at least 50,000 ears that can potentially hear my music. For reference, those top 3 performing songs mentioned previously were placed on this playlist, hence why they've done so well.

What's next? Twelve more for... 24...?!?

Hey, that's pretty good!

My plan for 2024 is to keep the fire Burning -- but I'm thinking this coming year I'll sprinkle in a bit more of my experimental tracks... my 2023 sound was pretty consistent, but I'd like to try some new things by releasing tracks I've been sitting on for quite some time.

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