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Poke, Tap, Jostle: New Engagement Strategy

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Although you may be under the impression that I'm an accomplished independent artist, the $27.43 profit I've made from record streams isn't cutting it.

I've been in the *full-time* job market since this past January and starting month four of consistent applications, it's time for me to try something new.

Last month I studied for and passed the exam to become a Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM) -- with the thought that acquiring a relatively recognizable credential would help me along in my search. So far... maybe.

The biggest change I've made since that accomplishment is increasing my presence and engagement on LinkedIn. Liking, Commenting, and Connecting more frequently -- granted I've only been doing this for like 4 days.

I do think it's had a positive impact on my job search by way of motivating me to seek out opportunities more strategically than before. This week I've scheduled at least one resume review per day, thanks to PMINJ's Career Fair (hosted last Friday).

So while all of this job insanity is going on, I'm still being equally feral in the creative realm...


New SPAULV is on the horizon... with a fitting title.

Sometime within the next two weeks, I'll be releasing a track fittingly called "G Money" -- because I'm tryna GET MONEY aka get a job that recognizes, acknowledges, and compensates my skills and hard work.

I partnered with a friend of mine, Omkar, from Penn State to put together a cool graphic that should elevate the release and create a nice audiovisual experience.

Stand by for more info soon...

In the meantime here's a gif I made that doesn't seem to function quite how I envisioned.


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