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SPAULV's Overstimulating Moving Lookbook

Yep. Just like what it sounds like...


Here's how it went down

I spent the morning on Tuesday grabbing some photos of some of the SPAULV merch I still have in stock. I packed up a peanut butter and honey sandwich, a cup of coffee, a banana, my camera gear, and all the clothes I could fit in my pack.

I initially planned to go to Sourland Mountain Preserve, but I completely forgot that they closed the main parking lot for paving. So, instead of parking on the side of the road and hiking in, I drove all. the. way. home.

I knew there was a rocky spot on the blue trail of Baldpate Mountain, so I went there. The weather was great and I got an early enough start that my patience meter was still running full. Check out the photos below for an idea of how it went down, click the button under the images to check out the full shoot, and take a look at the video linked above for some overstimulating visual content!

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