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The Sky is the Limit: The Playlist that Started it All & New Music Friday

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

If you've released music in the past 1-2 years, you may have come across someone that highly recommends getting your music on curated playlists as a way to generate exposure to wider audiences. I for sure have come across my fair share of articles, Reddit threads, and YouTube videos that implore the exploitation of the power of playlists.

Following last month's release of Angst N' Hues, I submitted the track to a Spotify playlist that I had known of for a while, jungle / breakcore / dnb curated by @cpeto59.

It was as easy as reaching out to @cpeto59 on Twitter, sending a link to the track, and practicing a bit of patience. Within 4 days, I was pleasantly notified "I've checked the song, it's good, added it". When I was added to the playlist it had about 9,500 likes -- today, it has 13,677 likes.

As you may have noticed, that's a significant bump in listeners, and since this playlist targets a very narrow audience, they really seem to love the track.

Note: For those of you curious, Angst N' Hues caters closer to Jungle than Breakcore. But with that said, I am definitely interested in exploring the realm of Breakcore.

As a treat... and a test... Here's a new track.

Released today, Delucas, is a laidback techno, deep house style track pulling influence from French House and incorporating some industrial elements.

This is definitely one to be the soundtrack of your weekend's nocturnal activities.

Consider adding it to a playlist of your own, we've already gotten a taste of how powerful they can be, and who knows, maybe there'll be something in it for you down the line...

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