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Weekend Run & Gun with my A7III and Handycam

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

My A7III photographing a Handycam Selfie video.

This past weekend I broke my Sony DV camera out of storage and fired away just like old times. Old times being, like... just last year.

Along with the Handycam, I brought my Sony A7III paired with my Pentax SMC 50mm f/1.7, 2x converter, AND my trusty Canon FD 35-70mm f/3.5. I decided against using my Canon FD f/1.4 50mm mainly because I wanted the flexibility of the 2x converter that fits my Pentax lenses.

Check out my camera setup:

Sony DCR-PC110 NTSC Setup

  • Quantaray V-37 1A Filter

  • Tiffen 0.56X 37mm Wide Converter

  • Quantaray 72mm 1A Filter

Sony A7III Setup

I tried my hand at some not-so-boring landscape shots.

As the header suggests, I explored outside of my comfort zone and fired away at the New York Skyline from Hoboken. I typically shy away from landscape photography, especially when photographing world-famous sights. I think this small set of photos captures the light nicely, setting these images apart from ones I could've just taken with my iPhone. I do admit, the color, sharpness, and dehaze settings I used on some of these might be a little too much. I'm so used to seeing photos being made fun of and deep-fried memes that I almost feel like some of these images are a bit too unnatural -- I could be wrong.

I also stuck with my usual, comfy, moody, street shots.

I was blessed with my favorite street photo lighting conditions: super clear and super bright. I had a great time fooling around with light and aperture settings to experiment a bit with overexposure, sharpness, and lens flares. I also couldn't resist the obligatory flying rat photo!

So where's the Handycam footage?

I'm happy to report all of the footage has been backed up and dropped into Premiere Pro for review and editing. I am positive I captured some really cool stuff and am thinking the

final edits can be used as visualizers for my upcoming SPAULV album. I'm not sure if the footage I have will be enough to make a vlog-style video, but I've definitely got some aesthetic moving pictures.

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